Romance can rise like trees a lifespan of decades romance can bloom like tulips the lifespan of a week a romance lifespan decided by effort.   By: Amber R. Dulaney


Bullied, Bullies, and Coping

Bullying is a topic that has been talked about throughout the years, but more the last couple months than a few years ago. It is an important issue, and there need to be conversations about it, and ideas on how to solve it while putting the moral responsibility on the students. I was bullied throughout … Continue reading Bullied, Bullies, and Coping

Very Short Story – 47 Words

Bleeding. Shredded. My soul after Jasper walked out. He said, "Cora, I thought I wanted marriage, to be with you forever, but I lied to myself." Five years of marriage and that was his excuse for leaving. Time has yet to stop the pain three years later.     *Written for a @WrittenRiver prompt on … Continue reading Very Short Story – 47 Words