Seeking Invisibility

We need to teach our kids being a bully is unacceptable, and if our kids are the ones being bullied, we need to teach them ways to cope. Thousands of suicides connected to bullying occur each year, and we need to do what we can to prevent them.


No One Told Me Part 2

Part One:  No One Told Me No one told me when he returns from the drive the leftover tension remains like weak coffee disappearing as peace takes over the atmosphere. No one told me the warmth of his embrace would return my hope, revitalizing my belief our marriage will withstand obstacles that we will jump … Continue reading No One Told Me Part 2

No One Told Me

When I was young I pictured a fairytale marriage like the tales of Cinderella and Snow White. No one told me becoming one was a steep mountain with an unknown height. No one told me that during a fight when he walked out the door after the brief relief for a break in the yelling … Continue reading No One Told Me