Inner Debilitating Chaos

A claustrophobicanxiety/social anxiety cocktail— synapses, neurons, and pathwaysbecome staticwhen strangers are inquired invitationto my homeamplify static per personupon arrivaldebilitating chaos ensues my nerves, frayed wiresrapid shocks to my nervous system realistic illusion my heartstoppingfallingto the pit of my stomach on the floorknees held against my chesta hunched human clusterI become. By: Amber R. Dulaney Photo … Continue reading Inner Debilitating Chaos

Unusual Scavenger Hunt

Here are a link and excerpt to my most recent story on vocal. "My phone woke me in the middle of the night. It was my Mom; she said my Great Aunt Marla died, she had been ill. There would be a Wake and a funeral over the next few days. After the funeral, family … Continue reading Unusual Scavenger Hunt