Disgruntled Sectional (199 Words)

I miss my old home. A married couple without kids owned me for three decades. They discarded me because I didn't suit their remodel. Now I belong to a family of five. Juice and grease cover my once vibrant surface. No longer am I plush and firm. Kids used me as a trampoline despite scoldings … Continue reading Disgruntled Sectional (199 Words)

Very Short Story – 47 Words

Bleeding. Shredded. My soul after Jasper walked out. He said, "Cora, I thought I wanted marriage, to be with you forever, but I lied to myself." Five years of marriage and that was his excuse for leaving. Time has yet to stop the pain three years later.     *Written for a @WrittenRiver prompt on … Continue reading Very Short Story – 47 Words