My Thoughts on Current News

633 Words

There is so much on my mind, I’ll start with the first incident I heard about after COVID; the murder of George Floyd. I’m sad, angry, and frustrated. I watched both videos. He wasn’t aggressive, and he didn’t resist arrest. Once they picked him up off the sidewalk, they should put him in the police car. Pinning him to the pavement, and with a knee on his kneck was unnecessary force. In my opinion, the officer that had his knee on Floyd’s neck should be charged with murder, and has with third-degree murder, and the three who helped him pin down Floyd and stood around, charged as accessories.

Second, the rioting and looting incidents are also infuriating. Not because buildings are burned down, but because of people who lose the ability to provide for their families, a result of places of employment being burned down.

Third, kids should not be taken to areas where rioting and looting are taking place. I watched a video of people trying to cool down the eyes of a little girl who had been pepper-sprayed.

Fourth, there was a deaf man who was shot shortly after getting out of his car. He had been speeding and didn’t hear the sirens of the cop car. He had tried to communicate with the cop via sign language.

Fifth, I heard news stories about occupied homes being set on fire. In at least one case, a child inside one of the homes and people prevented the fire department from getting to the house. Luckily, they still managed to save the family. Setting a house on fire, whether occupied or empty, is not a way to get your point across. Burning people alive or just their homes, making them homeless, is no way to get your point across. That being said, I know it isn’t only black people out there wreaking havoc. Some white people are also burning and destroying property, using the Black Lives Matter protest to justify their behavior.

Now, I have been reading a myriad of twitter threads since the death of Floyd, and the more I hear about people’s definitions of white privilege, the more my innate desire to get annoyed gets stifled. It isn’t merely about financials. It is more about the fact that white people don’t have to fear getting stopped because they are driving a nice car, you don’t ever hear of people claiming all white people are criminals. White people don’t have to worry about false accusations about their character based on their skin color. Also, I remember, years ago, someone told me all blacks beat women. I called them on that load of nonsense. I have never heard anyone say all white men hit women.

For things to legitly change, there needs to be a change of hearts and police checking police. Parents of all colors need to teach their kids no race is superior to another, and you should NEVER judge someone by their skin color. If an officer sees another exhibiting racist behavior, they need to check them. If the officer’s racist behavior persists, the other officer or officers need to take it higher up the chain of command.

Change is also needed concerning those with disabilities. People with disabilities should not have to worry about being mistreated by others because of their disabilities, nor being shot or mistreated by police, because of communication issues. Parents need to teach their kids that they are no more important or valuable than someone with disabilities. If an officer sees another officer exhibiting ableist behavior, they need to check them. If the ableist behavior persists, the officer or officers need to take it higher up the chain of command.

Legit and long-lasting changes will require heart shifts from hate to love, responsibility, and accountability.

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