Being Hostile is Not the Answer

I am all for the Government racking their brains to come up with a viable vetting process. Would you like to step in as a human investigator? That entails going to foreign countries to observe until you can adequately separate refugees from terrorists. I can’t say how long you will survive, but it would be more productive than name calling and inciting violence on Twitter or other forms of social media.

Also, Trump never said he is going to deport all illegal aliens. He is going to deport people known to be dangerous criminals. We have enough legal, dangerous criminals in our country without housing illegal, dangerous criminals.

Expecting people to become a part of the United States legally, doesn’t make people racist. Not wanting to flood our country with terrorists, doesn’t make people racist.  It is unfair to stereotype all non-Liberals and Democrats as Neo-Nazis. Instead, sincerely talk to them and listen to their viewpoints. Yes, there are a select few who want the wall and to prevent helping refugees for racist reasons, but that isn’t the majority of conservatives.

Have a good day, everyone. Let’s keep the United States from plunging back to the days of Neanderthals.  There are plenty of ways for us to communicate in a civil manner.

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