The Book World: A Look at Liberal Hypocrisy

“I will disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – – Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Book Banning and Author Censorship has been an on-going issue. I disagree with banning books, censoring authors and advocating the boycott of publishing companies. I may not agree with content in a book or viewpoints I consider immoral or blatant lies. I may not even care for the author of the book in general. The point is, whether I like the author or not, or the material they wish to publish and distribute is irrelevant. They have a right to their opinions and to aim to silence them is unconstitutional. If you want to live in a place that limits free speech to a specific ideology, you are in the wrong country.

Book Riot, especially their managing editor, Amanda Nelson, are known for being outspoken with their opinions. They claim to be anti-book banning, against putting authors in a small corner of the literary world, or worse, the possibility of taking away an author’s individuality. They claim authors of color, members of the LGBTQ and modern Feminists, to name a few, are “attacked” for thinking outside of the so-called “traditional mindset.” 

However, Book Riot, especially their ringleader, Amanda Nelson, and their fellow Liberals are attempting to keep a book from publication. They are discussing boycotting the publisher, Simon & Schuster, or taking other actions to get their point across, because, at the same time, they like the other diverse voices that Simon and Schuster publishes. They want to interfere with the book’s publication since they dislike, (dislike being an understatement) the author. The author they want silenced and shamed is Milo Yiannopoulos, a known conservative.  In fact, Amanda Nelson goes as far as to say only people who think like her should be published.

I have yet to find racist or other hateful statements they claim he made to and or about Leslie Jones. He stated his opinions about the movie remake of Ghostbusters and her acting ability.  I welcome people to link proof in the comment section if I missed it in my search.

His morals and the content in his book are irrelevant, though. We live in the United States where EVERYONE is allowed to have an opinion and share it.  We do not live in England during the time of the Tudors when only one mindset was acceptable, and any other was punishable by prison, torture or death. Nor do we live in a dictator run country such as Iraq or Cuba.


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