My Improved, Anxiety Free Christmas Gathering Attitude for 2016

I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas season or, at least the time spent with family and friends. The month of December and the days I spent with family went by too quickly.

Usually, my attitude towards getting the kids ready and attending family gatherings was, “I want to go, but I only want to stay for a short time.”  A lot of it was the result of stressing myself out over how long it would take to get the kids and myself ready and wondering if was going to be judged for the way I dressed, did my makeup, or words that would leave my mouth – oh the fun of anxiety.

This year I didn’t focus on the clean up that follows the festivities, stress out about getting the kids ready, worry about others opinions – somehow, I kept my anxiety at bay – or taking pictures.  I went a bit far – I didn’t take any pictures of my kids or family.  Now, I regret not taking pictures since it was my youngest child’s first Christmas and I can’t go back to it via photo albums.  I need to find the balance between living in the moment and taking pictures.

This year, I looked forward to the gatherings and was sad when they ended.  I had one at my Mother-in-law’s, my Mom’s and my Grandma-in-law’s.  All on different days, so it did a give me a bit of breathing room than bouncing from place to place in a day.

It also had to do with meditating on the concept of treasures not being limited to material objects.  The people in our lives are the real treasures: love them and enjoy being with them.


Photo: Thomas Kincaid

One thought on “My Improved, Anxiety Free Christmas Gathering Attitude for 2016

  1. It sounds like you had a busy Christmas. I can understand the hassles of it all. I go through the same thing every year, but this year I did things a bit differently. I decided to dress nicely and appropriately, but to go natural, no makeup. I found I looked just as pretty without it and I still felt good about myself. This year’s Christmas was nice and uncomplicated. I’m sorry you didn’t take any pictures, but as a mom you know you can always snap some at anytime. It’s not the same, I know, but there’s always next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! It’s a little late to be telling you that, but I felt the need to send joy your way.


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