Avid Collector or Hoarder?

Most people have watched episodes of Hoarders or at least heard about it over the years. Basically, a relative or friend contacts the show requesting help for a family member or friend. The houses are usually overflowing with trash and objects they have acquired over the years.

Now, I could be in denial, but I don’t think you can ever have enough books. I will always refer to myself as an Avid Collector of books. Besides, “Hoarder” is a harsh word.

My husband is very understanding about my book habit. In fact, he is supportive of having plenty of books in the home.  Somehow, I managed to get lucky to find a man who will encourage me to spend money on books. I’m definitely grateful, especially since our kids are book fanatics too.

How about you, would you consider a person with a myriad of books an “Avid Collector” or a “Hoarder”?


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