Most people experience encouragement and discouragement in their lives. One lifts your spirit while the other crushes it.

Remember discouragement and constructive criticism are not the same. Discouragement is a statement of your perceived inability to complete your goal. Constructive Criticism states mistakes you made with advice to help you correct them.

My family and friends are my sources of encouragement. They believe in me and want me to succeed, whether it is succeeding at being a good wife, mother, daughter or writer. But, just as I need encouragement on occasion, so do they.

There are enough spirit crushers in the world, please be kind and lend words of encouragement to fellow dreamers.

May you all have a great day, follow your dreams and be successful. encouragement-blog


4 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. you are right………a few words of encouragement can build empires……..and a few words of discouragement can sink ships………
    we must always appreciate and encourage, those around us……….the least we could do in this world! 🙂 🙂


      1. i don’t understand why do people have to be mean……..they can communicate their criticism in polite words too……..why does it have to be harsh…..


  2. Very well put. There is a major difference between constructive criticism and just plain being mean. I am so excited to see that you are on your way again! This is where you are meant to be: writing! Don’t gibe up! I am here on the journey with you and am so proud that you have decided to follow your dreams again!

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